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What's the Surname Genealogy Research?

Have you ever wondered what the origin of your surname?

Starting on the information that you already know of your family, we will get documentation on the ancestors of those who you inherit the family name, whether birth, baptism, marriage registers, press clippings, etc.. This documentation will also allow us to know dates, places, professions ....

With the genealogy research, you will get:

  • Folder with all original documents obtained during the study family, so you have proof of the veracity of the information received.
    In cases where the rules do not permit playback the consulted records, in the Book of Ancestors appears citation (book, volume and page) of the original document.

  • Book A4 sized bound with metal spiral.
    Includes found ancestors information sorted by generation, as well as images of the documents collected.

  • CD with the book's content in digital format and a GEDCOM file (standard genealogical format) containing all family data for further editing or extending, using any genealogy software.

All the original documents, a bound book and a CD are delivered
All the original documents, a bound book and a CD are delivered
All the original documents, a bound book and a CD are delivered
All the original documents, a bound book and a CD are delivered


What kind of information will I find in the Genealogy Research?

The research objective is to obtain at least the first name and surname of each and every one of the direct ancestors (no siblings) for the requested level of research.

Obviously, the data are obtained from documentation we search in civil and church archives, whether birth, baptism, marriage registers, wills, census..

Depending on the type of document we find for the identification of ancestors will be obtained another information (dates, locations, jobs, possessions and more...), All this information is included in the Ancestors Book delivered.

Our commitment is to not charge for the ancestors whose identity (at least name and surname) are not been able to find out, so that will be deducted proportionally from the budgeted price, without charging to the customer those costs incurred in the search for ancestors that for whatever reason have not finally been identified.

Except in extraordinary cases where there is a special interest for some specific data, our research does not seek to identify collateral ancestors (siblings, cousins ​​or descendants thereof).

¿Hasta donde se puede llegar en la investigación genealógica?

Genealogical researches until six generations of direct ancestors above the main person are considered standard investigations, in principle achievable in most cases.

However, it can deepen the study as long as exist written documentation relating to the people we seek. This limit usually coincides with the appearance of the parish records in the mid-sixteenth century, but sometimes we can go even further back in time.

In any family tree study may appear obstacles making it impossible to identify an ancestor or branch (i.e. archives destroyed, children of unknown parents or single mother, etc.).

If there is any of these cases in your family research, we pledge to calculate the final price by applying a discount proportional to the direct ancestors whose identity we have not been able to document, at least with first name and surname.

All the original documents, a bound book and a CD are delivered

Family tree optional graphic representation

If you wish, we also offer a graphic representation of the data obtained in the investigation.
In the ORDER form you can choose the design desired according to the requested research level.

  • Sheet of photo paper with the Ancestors Family Tree, including the information obtained during the research (ideally: First Name, Last name, date and place of birth).

  • Design to choose between our models with the ability to customize it according to your instructions.

  • Possibility of including also the descendants of the Primary Person, his siblings or other relatives (optional).

  • Coats of arms of the paternal and maternal names of the main person (optional).

All the original documents, a bound book and a CD are delivered
Ancestors Family Tree.
Primary + 9 Generations on surname branch.

Our design team will propose you, before printing the job, the correct size for your family tree, priorizing a good visibility of information to make the text easily readable. At that time you can give your consent to the recommended size or request a different one.

From all the information gathered during the study, in the tree are represented, for reasons of space, the following data for each person:

  • First Name

  • Paternal Name (and Maternal name if its's possible)

  • Birth Date (exact or approximate if there's not documental evidencel)

  • Birth Place (in all cases when exists a documental evidence.

What info is required to start?

To begin the genealogical research it's mandatory only the first and last name of the primary person and their date and place of birth.

However, the rest of data that you enter int the ORDER form on parents and grandparents will serve to expedite the investigation and to compare the documental info with the known one by the family.

In the form will also find a section where you can freely write any comments or additional information.


By introducing the year of birth of the person whose ancestors want us to investigate, the pricing table shows the following fields for each level of Research:

  • Total number of people that make up the family tree, including the main person.
    Except in extraordinary cases where there is a special interest for some specific data, the goal of our investigations is to identify the direct ancestors, but not the collateral ones.

  • Approximate birth year of people belonging to the last generation.

  • Price of Ancestors Research.

  • Price of Ancestors Research + Family tree Graphic Representaction without Coats of Arms.

  • Price of Ancestors Research + Family tree Graphic Representaction with Coats of Arms.

If you are interested in further investigation, can firstly order Primary + 6 generations level, and once completed this objective, we will prepare a custom quote for the expansion of research.


All Genealogical Researches work requires a deposit. Before starting the job, we will communicate you by email the conditions of your particular case and ask you for your compliance.

Bank Transfer

Credit card with PAYPAL

Western Union

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Delivery Time

Genealogical researches may be delayed due to difficulties we can find during consultations in the archives, parishes, etc.., But the average time for surname studies is 2 to 4 months, depending also on the number of generations to investigate.

During all this time, at any time you can be informed through our website by consulting always you want the updated report of the genealogical research status. Of course, we are always at your disposal for any questions by email.


It delivers a bubble padded envelope with the Ancestors Book, the folder with found documents and the CD.

If you have requested also the Graphical Representation of the family tree, the sheet is delivered in a cardboard tube that protects the material during transportation and all in a sturdy cardboard packaging.

Shipments are made by registered mail or by courier service MRW, depending on urgency required.. In any case, a tracking number is communicated to the customer to track online.

Servicios Genealógicos Abueling S.L. Empresa Adherida al Sistema de Arbitraje de Consumo


For us the most important thing is the total satisfaction of our customers; for that reason, guarantees rework free of charge at any of the following cases:

  • No match the support type requested to sent to your home.

  • Mismatch of the proposal approved by email sent to your home design.

  • Delivery of material in poor condition.

In order to reinforce the trust our clients place in us, as additional warranty, our company is adhered to the Consumer Arbitration System of the Ministry of Health, Social Policy and Equality of the Government of Spain with the official badge number 487.

Servicios Genealógicos Abueling S.L. Empresa Adherida al Sistema de Arbitraje de Consumo

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