Lineage Research.
Search for direct ancestors by the surname line

Discover the origin of your ancestors by the line of your paternal or maternal surname.
With our professional Ancestry Research you will know those details that you have always been curious about, where they were born, dates, professions, etc.

Who were your ancestors with this surname?
Has it always been written that way, or has it changed over time?

Choose from these options to study your Family History and we will take care of the rest.
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Genealogical Study Primary + 4 generations Primary + 6 generations Primary + 8 generations
Folder with documentation
Family chart
Ancestors book in PDF
Digitized information
Printed and bound book + 45€
Family tree poster + 45€ + 45€
Heraldic shields + 12€ + 12€
Approximate delivery time Between 1 and 2 months Between 2 and 3 months Between 3 and 4 months
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