Frequent questions

General inquiries

When will I have the product at home?

In services of graphic representation, the NORMAL delivery time is between 8 and 10 working days since you send us the information necessary to prepare it. If you need it more urgently, you can request our URGENT Service, with delivery between 5 and 7 working days, or our EXPRESS Service, with delivery between 3 and 4 working days. Genealogical research services can be delayed depending on the difficulties during consultations in the different archives, parishes, etc., but in the corresponding price table you will find the estimated delivery time according to the number of generations to be searched. During this time, you will be able to consult your updated report on the status of research whenever you want. Of course, we are also always at your disposal by chat or email.

How can I pay?

Some custom family trees, all Genealogy researches and biographical books require a payment for advance. Before starting the work, we will notify you by email the conditions of your particular case and we will request your consent.

Accepted payment methods:

  • Bank transfer
  • Credit card
  • Paypal
  • Western Union

What guarantee do I have?

For us the most important thing is the total satisfaction of our clients, for that reason, Abueling guarantees repetition of work free of charge in any of the following cases:

  • The material received does not match the requested.
  • The received design does not match the proposal sent by email and accepted by the client.
  • The material has been received in poor condition.
In order to reinforce the customers trust, our company Servicios Genealógicos Abueling S.L. it's listed in the Registry of Distance Selling Companies of the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness under number 2013/1565/09/08/5 / V and is attached to the National Consumer Arbitration System with official distinctive number 487.

Is my information safe?

Of course. Both the information provided by the client for the realization of the custom familyl tree and that obtained by us in the course of the genealogical studies is treated with the utmost confidentiality.
Only the company staff, the printing providers and the archives workers, who undertake to comply with all current legal provisions regarding the use and disclosure of information, have access to family data.

How will I receive the job?

The family tree sheets are sent in a rigid cardboard tube.

In genealogiy researches, a bubble padded envelope is sent with the ancestors book, the document folder and the pendrive.

The shipment is made by certified mail or by express courier, depending on the service and urgency required.
In any case, the shipping number is communicated to the customer to track it online.

What if I want copies?

Both in the case of family tree sheets and the ancestor's books, it is possible to make additional copies identical to the original or personalized by modifying, for example, the primary person.

In any case, the price of the copies will depend on the cost of printing, depending on the size of the sheet or the number of pages in the ancestors' book.

Family trees

What types of family trees can I order?

We design several types of trees:

  • Tree of Descendants:
    Children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren ... of a couple, of which the information is known by the client.

  • Tree of Ancestors:
    Parents, grandparents, great-grandparents ... of a person.
    For this type of tree you can send us the information if you have it or order a professional genealogical research.

  • If you want to represent in a tree, both descendants and ancestors of a couple, then it Will be a Mixed Tree .

How much does a family tree cost without research for which I provide all the information?

You can calculate yourself the price in the 'Custom family trees' section.
Enter the number of family members to represent, as well as the number of photographs and heraldic shields that you want to appear.
On the same page you will find the application form to order the work.

How do I send the data so that you can draw my family tree?

You can send to us the information of the people to represent (first and last names, dates, places of birth, whatever you want), in a diagram or in a written text, whatever is most comfortable for you.
If we have any questions we will contact you.

For this you can send the info by email, write it in the form or attach a file in the request form.

In the event that you want to include photographs, we will take care of cutting them and adapting them to the corresponding boxes, modifying the background of each image if necessary to achieve a uniform appearance.

Please keep in mind the following recommendations for sending the photos:

  • They should be taken with a digital camera or scanned at a resolution of 300 dots per inch and at 100% size.

  • If possible, the background should be smooth and preferably a light color.

  • The name of the image file must match the name of the person in the photo.

  • It is important that the picture is not cropped, so that there is enough space around the person's head and neck.

You can attach the photos to the request form, upload them via Dropbox to our server or send them all later by email.

What design options do I have to choose from?

On the page corresponding to the Custom family trees service, you can choose the design that you like the most. Remember that each tree can be customized based on the characteristics of each family.

There is also the possibility of exchanging design elements between different models, adapting them to any number of generations, customizing titles and even placing a photo provided by the client in the background. Ask us for any ideas you have for the design of your family tree.

What is the size of the sheet?

The size depends on several factors, including the number of people represented, the amount of information shown for each person, the type of design chosen and the inclusion or not of photographs and heraldic shields.

Our design team will propose the most suitable size for your poster before printing the work, giving priority to the good visibility of the information so that the text is easily legible. Although it is possible to print sheets with sizes below and above these, the most common are:

  • 30 X 45 cm.

  • 40 X 50 cm.

  • 40 X 60 cm.

  • 50 X 75 cm.

  • 60 X 90 cm.

Is the print sent already framed?

No, the family tree sheets are always shipped unframed. It may appear framed in images on our website as example for illustrative purposes only.

However, the works printed on Canvas are delivered with the canvas mounted on a wooden frame, ready to be hung.
Canvas printing have a price supplement with respect to the prices on the web, so we recommend order it only in cases where you do not want to frame it with glass later.

Genealogy researches

What is the difference between an All branches research and a Surname research?

The main difference is in the objective of the study.

  • The All branches research includes the direct ancestors of the primary person in each of the ascending lines, without distinction of sex or surname.
    That means, father and mother, four grandparents, eight great-grandparents, sixteen great-great-grandparents, etc. therefore doubling the number of ancestors from one generation to the previous one.

  • Surname research is limited in each generation to the direct ancestor with that surname and their wife.
    That means, father and mother, paternal grandparents, paternal-paternal great-grandparents, etc. so that in each generation there will be only the two people who pass on the lineage.

How much does a Family Tree with ancestry research cost?

You can view the prices of the different Genealogical Research options that we offer, according to the level of generations you want to know.

You can complete your investigation with teh graphic representation of the family tree and the printed ancestors book.
On the same page you will find the form to order the ancestors study.

What information do I have to provide so that you can search for my ancestors?

To start the genealogical research, only the first and last name of the primary person, as well as their date and place of birth, are essential.

However, the rest of the information you enter in the application form regarding parents and grandparents will serve to speed up the search, and to be able to contrast the documented information with that known by the family.

In the form you will also find an Observations section where you can freely write any comments or additional information.

How many ancestors can be found?

The limit of any genealogiy research is the lack of written documentation regarding the person we are looking for. In most cases, this limit coincides with the appearance of the parish registers, in the middle of the 16th century, although sometimes it is possible to go back further.

However, during family history studies, there may be difficulties in finding information (eg destroyed files, unknown parents, etc.). For this reason, and although we make every effort to find out the information, these problems may have an impact on the total number of identified ancestors.

Our commitment is not to charge for people who have not been able to identify themselves, at least with first and last name, so that they will be discounted proportionally from the budgeted price.

How can I order an even more extensive investigation?

If you are interested in a broader research than the one included in the PREMIUM Service, once the included objective is completed, we will prepare a personalized budget based on the case and the feasibility of expanding the investigation, which will depend above all on the existence or no of older documentation in the localities of origin of your ascendants.

The study can be deepened as long as there is written documentation relating to the people we are looking for. This limit usually coincides with the first parish registers, in the middle of the 16th century, although sometimes it is possible to go back even further back in time.

However, during any family investigation, obstacles may appear that make impossible to identify any person or branch (for example, destroyed archives, children of unknown parents or single mother, etc.)

We undertake to calculate the final price applying a proportional discount to direct ancestors whose identity has not been documented at least with first and last name, if any of these cases occurs.

What information can I expect from genealogy research?

The objective of the research will be to obtain, at a minimum, the first and last name of each and every one of the direct ancestors (not siblings) corresponding to the level of research contracted.

Logically, the information is obtained from the documentation found, birth, baptism, marriage certificates, registers, old press, etc. These documents can provide additional data such as dates, locations, professions, etc. All this information is what is included in the Ancestors' book that is delivered.

Our commitment is not to charge for ancestors whose identity (minimum, first and last name) could not be ascertained, so that they will be discounted proportionally from the budgeted price, without passing on to the client the expenses incurred in the search for people who for any reason finally could not be identified.

Except in extraordinary cases in which there is a special interest in some specific information or it has been agreed with the client, our investigations do not seek to identify collateral relatives (brothers, cousins ​​or descendants of these).

Is the documentation found in the genealogical research delivered?

Of course, in addition to appearing illustrating the Ancestors' book, we will send you all the original documentation obtained during the investigation, so that you have proof of the total veracity of the information represented both in the book and in the sheet with the family tree poster.

In this documentation, you will even be able to see additional information, which is not reflected in the family tree due to space limitations, but which is very important in the historical and sentimental aspect.

In the cases in which the rules of the consulted archives do not allow the fotographic reproduction of the documents, the bibliographic reference (volume and page) of the document that offers the information provided will appear in the book of ascendants.

Is it possible to get portraits of the ancestors?

It is very difficult to obtain photographs of the ancestors outside the family environment. Only in certain genealogical investigations in which the family had some social, political or professional relevance, it is possible to find old portraits.

However, both in the Ancestor's book and in the family tree sheet we can include any photograph that the client provides us.

What information is represented in the Ancestry tree?

From the information collected during the investigation, in the graphic family tree, for reasons of space, the following information about each person appears:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Date of birth (exact or approximate if there is no documentary proof).
  • Place of birth (in all cases in which there is documentary evidence).
The Ancestors' book that is also delivered collects additional information such as places and dates of marriage, professions, addresses and other curiosities extracted from the documentation found.

Yes, but I have other questions ...

If you have any question, you can send an email or contact us by chat. We will be happy to provide you with a personalized service.