Heir search in Spain

We offer our research service to find relatives with the right to collect unclaimed inheritances from deceased people who have not left a will or in which it has been null and void for any reason. It is likely that these relatives did not even know the deceased. This never mind.

Once the heirs are located, we inform them and help them throughout the process to reduce their concerns to a minimum until they receive the assets that correspond to them by law.

At the same time, we take care of settling the debts and expenses of the inheritance, so that the heir does not have to advance any amount for the procedures or for the investigation carried out for its location.

This is also a benefit for the Communities of Property Owners and Administrators of estates since the problem of delinquency that the abandoned house entails is solved.

Let us know the existence of one of these inheritances, we will look for the heirs for free and you will also receive financial compensation for informing us, whether legitimate heirs appear or if the State is the final beneficiary of the inheritance.


If you know of any of these abandoned inheritances, contact us without obligation.

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