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Special Genealogy Researches

Do you need to demonstrate the birthplace of your ancestors and do not know how to get that documentation?

Do you want to check some data on your family especially important for you?

Do you need to prove your ancestry to receive an inheritance?

Do you want to know once and for all where exactly or when was born someone in your family?

Are there unresolved family curiosities?

Does the family can not reach an agreement on the date when grandfather was born exactly?

Want to find distant relatives but do not know how?

You may have interest in one branch of your family tree, or even get documentation of a particular ancestor, which would like to know more about.

You may simply need to get a birth certificate in any country different to yours.

In we can help you learn more about your roots, discover your family history, get documentation, and even to contact relatives in Spain or find someone if you wish it.

Send us the form below, explain us your case and we will prepare a custom quote with no obligation.

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