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Spanish coat of arms


Why are several shields with my last name?

The coats of arms belonged historically to a person and his descendants or lineage. For last names very common, it is normal to have information from several lineages with a coat of arms each.

This is the reason that there are several shields associated with a name, since these are different lineages.

Why is no picture of my shield?

Despite being available, you may not see on the website still some shields. In that case you can order it anyway, we will email you the sample image of your shield without any kind of commitment to buy for you.

Why is not my surname?

Maybe your last name is a derivative of another or simply that no lineage with that name has an heraldic shield documented.
In any case, you can write an email and telling us what is the name you want. As soon as possible we will study it and give you an answer to your particular case.

What products do I have to choose?

  • High resolution JPG file

High Resolution JPG file sent by email
Size: 1962 x 2460 pixels
Allows printing to DIN-A3 size (29.7 x 42 cms.) with good quality
Allows printing to DIN.A4 size (21 x 29.7 cms.) with excellent quality
Suitable for insertion into any document or composition.

  • Printed photo paper 24 x 30 cms.

Ready to be sent to your home with the shield you have selected.
Size: 24 x 30 cms.
Paper Type: Photo MATE 180 g/m2
Design parchment background.

These designs are sent as shown in the picture. If you want some customization you can ask it in the comments section of the form and we will send you an email answering your request.


The price of products are listed in the ORDER page and include VAT

For the printed sheets must add the shipping costs depending on the country of destination and type of shipping required.

Payment method

Actually are available the following payment methods:

Bank Transfer

Credit card with PAYPAL

Western Union

Cash on Delivery

Abueling acepta transferencias a cuenta de La Caixa Abueling accept PayPal Abueling acepta Western Union Abueling acepta entrega contra reembolso

By the time we receive your request, will email you the order confirmation and instructions for making payment according to the way you choose.

Delivery Time

High resolution JPG file. Immediate sending upon receipt of payment.

Printed sheets. Shippings within 24 hours of receiving payment. View transit times according to type of delivery requested.


The printed coats of arms are shipped in a cardboard tube that protects the material during transportation.

Transport times:

  • Shipments within Spain by courier MRW: 24 hours.

  • Certified Mail within Spain: 2 to 3 working days.

  • Certified Mail to Rest of Europe: 7 to 8 working days.

  • Certified Mail to Rest of the world: 10 to 15 working days

envío de la lámina en un tubo de cartón

In any case, a tracking number is communicated to the customer to track online.


For us the most important thing is the total satisfaction of our customers; for that reason, guarantees rework free of charge at any of the following cases:

  • No match the support type requested to sent to your home.

  • Mismatch of the proposal approved by email with the design sent to your home.

  • Delivery of material in poor condition.

In order to reinforce the trust our clients place in us, as additional security, our company is attached since 2010 to the National Consumer Arbitration System of the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality of the Government of Spain with the official badge number 487.

Servicios Genealógicos Abueling S.L. Empresa Adherida al Sistema de Arbitraje de Consumo

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