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The genealogy does not have to be boring! Enjoy this selection to find, for free, content relating to genealogy, history and family memories in general.

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Family Trees, Templates, Crafts, etc.

Heraldry-coat of arms


What are the coats of arms?
How do you represent?



What is Genealogy?
Why make a family tree?

Family gifts ideas

Family gifts

Opportunities for Giving, List of wedding anniversaries, and more...

Genealogy glossary


Problems with documents from spanish? Here you will find some genealogy terms.

Spanish old people names

Old people Names

Antique spanish people names found during our ancestors genealogy researches.

Spanish surnames

Spanish Surnames Origin

Location of the spanish surnames in our family studies.

Genealogical dates calculators

Genealogy calculators

Utilities that will help researching your family history.

Think with genealogy

Family Trees to think

Hobby to demonstrate your mastery of the parentages and genealogical clues.



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