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Heraldry is the science of coats of arms. It is also a field of artistic expression, an element of medieval law and royal dynasties to this day. More recently it has been admitted into related sciences of history along with the sigillography, the Vexillology, the falerística and diplomatic.

Heraldry developed during the Middle Ages in Europe and became a coherent code to identifying people, progressively incorporated by segments of society as feudal nobility and the Catholic Church for the identification of lineages and members of the hierarchy, being equally adopted by other human groups like unions and associations as well as being taken for the identification of cities, towns and territories.


Actually, often you can heard about the "coat of arms of the name" and we should clarify the relationship between surnames and shields from the point of view of historical rigor.

The coats of arms, also called crests belonged historically to a person and his descendance or lineage, so that only people belonging to this lineage had the right to use the shield, but not all people with the same name.

It is therefore important to understand that most people that use now that name, most likely do not belong to that lineage, and therefore there is no legal right to use the coat of arms.

This is also the reason that there are several shields associated with the same name, since these are different lineages.

In want to contribute to the proper disclosure of this science and so, we clarify that the family crests represented in our products are the used ones by one or more lineages corresponding to the surname.

However, to being able to state that a person is directly descended from the lineage, it would need an exhaustive genealogical research.

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