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Family Trees to think. Genealogy Hobbies

This hobby will test your ability to solve some puzzles of parentage. Complete the following genealogical schemes, knowing that the older generation is located at the top, husbands to the left of wifes and children sorted by birth order, from left to right.

There are three levels of difficulty, with which of them you dare?

Árbol genealógico para pensar - Dificultad Fácil


- Miguel and Alejandro call "daddy" and "son" each other.

- Fernando has an older brother.

- Alexander' is Carmen's brother.

- Alberto is the maternal grandfather of Marcos.

- María only has two child, like Carmen and Alberto.

- Tomás is the brother in law of Lucía.

- Berta is younger than her sister but is greater than his brother.

- Patricia is a niece of Carmen.

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Árbol genealógico Para Pensar - Dificultad Media


- Oscar is the brother of Joseph' father.

- Ana was born after his sister.

- Isabel is the daughter of Carlos' brother.

- Carlos and Joaquin have only male sons.

- Marta is the mother in law of Sonia and of another woman.

- Mary has two daughters.

- Sergio has a younger brother.

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Arbol Genealógico Para Pensar - Dificultad Difícil


- Dolores has a son.

- David and Claudia were born after the imposition of the Euro currency in Europe.

- Miguel is the cousin of Javier, who was born the year that Juan Carlos was proclaimed King of Spain.

- Adela married just after the spanish Civil War.

- Luis has three grandsons or granddaughters.

- Irene is the eldest daughter of Rosa.

- Pablo and Felipe are brothers and were born the year that ended the second World War.

- Silvia was born the year when the last Spanish Constitution was approved.

- Javier, Luis and Pablo share the surname.

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