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Genealogy is the science that studies the ascendance and descendance of a person. The family trees, in any form, represent the links between people of the same family.

The possibility of having our family tree represented in a graph, is no longer something reserved for people with noble origins or a high social level, so we want to reach all the people wanting to remember their ancestors with dignity.

Discover your Family History

Investigación genealógica de antepasados

Historically, family studies used to be been linked to alleged claims by heirs of land, noble privileges or benefits of some type.

So always this science has been associated with families of a high social status.

In we believe that knowledge of our origins, the memory of our parents, grandparents, etc.. is something important that it deserves a privileged place at home, and represent a great value legacy for our children and grandchildren, regardless of economic or family status.

At the end, with family genealogy, we pay tribute to all those loved people who went before us and without who, we would not exist today.

"A person without knowledge of their past history, their origins and their culture is like a tree without roots"

Genealogy and Family tree

Genealogy, as a science that studies the origin and descendance of families, for many people represents a unique opportunity to discover and learn about their own history.

The graphical representation of the family genealogy is called usually "family tree" or "genealogical tree".

Whether as a hobby, for it takes a lot of time, dedication and patience, or by ordering a professional research, is very exciting to find out their names, discover where they were born or what they did our ancestors.

Our ancestors

It is also a tribute to all who came before us, without which we would not be here now, it serves to strengthen the links between family members and even for those who are far or due to any reason have been lost contact.

Who would not like to feel part of something bigger?

Family is much more than the people we see every day. We seldom stop to think that we are the fruit of love, firstly from our parents, of course, but also of his own ones, and so on.

Regardless of how large it is our current family, we have father, mother, four grandparents, eight great-grandparents, sixteen great-great grandparents, etc..

At this rate, we have a lot of ancestors generations in just behind each one of us, which even though we may be unknown people for us, they represent our direct ancestry and make us genetically.


Transmission of values

Of our ancestors we have inherited our culture, values ​​and traditions, in many cases, we are a mixture of races, or people with very different origins, even geographically, allowing us to have a more open and tolerant view point of phenomena such as immigration.

For children and youth is very instructive to know the local history through its own genealogy and represents a great opportunity to have moments of intergenerational meeting and discussion with parents and grandparents.
By sharing with our children the details of living conditions that had our ancestors, also help them to appreciate better all what we have today.

The elders of the family can and will be happy to help with the task of reconstructing the family tree. They like to be heard by remembering the past, so you can encourage them to explain every possible detail about names, dates and places, while it serve them as a mental exercise.

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