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Frequently Asked Questions


Family Trees

Genealogical Researches

Who we are?

Abueling Genealogical Services, SL is a legally constituted company., CIF B-65024275 and entered in the Register of Barcelona, Volume 41017, page 207, Sheet B-375904, Inscription 1.

It is composed by experienced graphic designers as well as genealogical researchers distributed nationally and internationally, allowing us to develop researches in almost anywhere in the world.

We love what we do, and we strive every day to improve our processes for offer our customers good service and an unbeatable personal atention.

We also believe that the great advantages of Internet communication help us and are in no way an obstacle to have a better service to our customers, so we strive to always maintain a close personal relationship and friendly.

The comments from our clients show their satisfaction and fill us with pride, while encouraging us to continue to continue working to enjoy their confidence. This is our greatest reward.

What do we do?

We are dedicated to Genealogy Services and related family memories in general, including the graphical representation of family trees and heraldry with a wide variety of formats and designs, from classic to modern (see samples).

We also do family history researches, by searching for documents in civil, church, military or private archives, with the aim of building the family tree.

Also we manage the certificates of birth, baptism, marriage and death. To do this, we are a team composed by experienced researchers through Spain and internationally.

We also offer photo editing services, as well as making honor/memory videos and books.

When will I have the work at home?

In works of graphical representation, the NORMAL delivery is 8 to 10 days after you send us all the information to draw the family tree.

If you need it more urgently, you can request our URGENT service, with delivery 5 to 7 working days, or our EXPRESS service, with delivery 3 to 4 days.

The genealogical research may be delayed due to difficulties we encounter during consultations in the various archives, parishes, etc.., But the normal period is 3 to 6 months, depending also on the number of generations to investigate.

During this time, you can check whenever you want your updated genealogical research status report. Of course, we are also always available to you by email.

For other services, please see the information on the relevant page.

What guarantees do I have?

For us the most important thing is the total satisfaction of our customers; for that reason, guarantees rework free of charge at any of the following cases:

  • Errors in the data of individuals (names, dates, etc..) sent correctly for you.

  • No match the media type requested to sent to your home.

  • Mismatch of the proposal approved by email with the design sent to your home.

  • Delivery of material in poor condition.

In order to reinforce the trust our clients place in us, as additional security, our company is attached since 2010 to the National Consumer Arbitration System of the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality of the Government of Spain with the official badge number 487.

Servicios Genealógicos Abueling S.L. Empresa Adherida al Sistema de Arbitraje de Consumo

How I pay it?

Blank Family Trees, Coats of Arms and Custom Family Trees which not exceed 300 € can be paid by bank transfer and cash on delivery (within Spain), and from the rest of the world by credit card or Western Union transfer after acceptance of the designed proposal sent to the customer by email.

Genealogical Researches, Photo Editing and Honor Videos or Books will require a deposit. Before starting the work, we will communicate you by email the conditions in your particular case and ask you for your compliance.

Accepted Payment Methods:

Bank Transfer

Credit Card

Western Union

Cash on Delivery

Abueling acepta transferencias a cuenta de La Caixa Abueling accept PayPal Abueling acepta Western Union Abueling acepta entrega contra reembolso

How will I receive the work?

Our posters are sent into a rigid protector cardboard tube.

In Genealogical Research works, it sends a rigid cardboard packet with the tube containing the photo paper poster and a bubble padded envelope with the ancestors book, the documents folder and CD.

Shipping is by registered mail or by courier MRW, depending on the urgency required. In any case, we will communicate to the client the tracking number to track online.

What types of family trees can I order ?

We represent graphically various types of trees:

  • Family Tree of Descendants:
    Children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren... of a couple, from the info you send us.

  • Family Tree of Ancestors:
    Parents, grandparents, great-grandparents... of a person. For this type of tree you can send us the data or order us a complete genealogy research or a surname genealogy research.

  • If you want to appears in the same table, both descendants and ancestors of a couple, we talk about a Mixed Family Tree.

How much cost a family tree poster without Research, if I give all the data?

Click here for calculate in a flash the price of the Graphical Representation of Your Family Tree.
Enter the number of people of the family to represent, as the number of photographs and of heraldic coats of arms that you want to appear.
In the same page you'll find the form for order us the work.

How I send the data for you can draw the family tree?

To start working on your tree, we only need that you send the people data to represent (names, dates, places of birth, whatever you fancy), in a scheme or a written text, the more comfortable way for you. If we have any question, we will contact you.

To do this you can enter the data in the Comments section or attach a file in the ORDER form.

If you would like us to include the family photos, please note the following recommendations:

  • Should be taken with digital camera or scanned at a resolution of 300 dpi (dots per inch) and 100% size

  • The background should be smooth and preferably a light color.

  • The image file name must match that of the person or people appearing in the picture.

  • It is important that the picture is not too cutted. We'll cut it and adapt it to the box.

Abueling acepta entrega contra reembolso
Bad background Too cutted Correct

You can attach photos to the this form (compressed in a ZIP/RAR file) or sending it later by email to

What options have I for choose?

On the page for the service you want you can choose the design you like. Remember that every tree can be customized based on the characteristics of each family.

It is also possible to share design elements across different models, adapting to any number of generations, customizing titles and even putting a picture background provided by the client. Ask us any ideas you have for the design of your tree.

What size has the poster with the family tree?

The size depends on several factors including the number of people represented, the quantity of information shown of each person, the type of choosen design and the inclusion or not of photographs and coats of arms.

Except in Templates to Refill, our design team will propose you, before printing the job, the right size for your family tree, giving priority to the good visibility of the information to make the text easily readable.

Although it is possible to print posters on sizes below and above the following, these are the most common:

  • 30 X 45 cms.

  • 40 X 50 cms.

  • 40 X 60 cms.

  • 50 X 75 cms.

  • 60 X 90 cms.

It sends the poster already framed?

No, the posters are always sent unframed. In the pictures of our web may appear some family tree framed only for illustrative.

However, works printed on canvas are mounted on a wooden frame, ready to hang.

Printing on Canvas carries a price premium over the price calculated on the website, so we recommend it only in cases that do not will mount glass frame later.

How much is a family tree with Ancestors Research?

Click herefor calculate in a flash the price of the Research of ancestors, for this you only have to enter the Birth Year of the Primary Person, from which you want to research their ancestors, and will get a price list with the different options we offer, depending on the level of research you want to achieve.

The Graphical representation with the data obtained during the genealogical study is optional (can be with or without coats of arms), so you can choose the option you prefer (just research, research + family tree poster or research + family tree poster + coats of arms). On the same page you will find the form to order us the work.

What data I have to provide for you can find my ancestors?

To begin genealogical research is necessary only the first and last name of the main person as well as their date and place of birth.

However, other data you enter on the request form relating to parents and grandparents will serve to accelerate the investigation, and to contrast the documented information with the known one by the family.

In the form you will also find a Comments section where you can freely write any comment or additional information.

How many ancestors can be found?

The limit of any genealogical research is the lack of written documentation relating to the family or person who we search. In most cases, this limit coincides with the appearance of the parish records in the mid-sixteenth century, although it is sometimes possible to go back further back.

However, during the study of ancestors may appear difficulties to find information (i.e. files destroyed, unknown parents, etc..). For this reason, and although we make every effort to find the information, these problems can have an impact on the total number of ancestors identified.

Our commitment is to not charge for the ancestors that we have not been able to identify at least by name and surname, so the price will be deducted proportionately of the budget.


¿Why only have Researches prices until six generations?

Genealogical researches until six generations of direct ancestors above the main person are considered standard investigations, in principle achievable in most cases.

If you are interested in further investigation, can firstly order Primary + 6 generations level, and once completed this objective, we will prepare a custom quote for the expansion of research, which mainly will depend on the existence of antique documentation at localities of origin of your ancestors.

What data can I wait from Genealogical Research?

The genealogical research objective is to obtain at least the name and surname of each and every one of the direct ancestors (no siblings) for the research level requested. Obviously, the data are obtained from documentation we search in civil and church archives, whether birth, baptism, marriage registers, wills, census..

Depending on the type of document we find for the identification of ancestors will be obtained another information (dates, locations, jobs, possessions and more...), All this information is included in the Ancestors Book delivered.

Our commitment is to not charge for the ancestors whose identity (at least name and surname) are not been able to find out, so that will be deducted proportionally from the budgeted price, without charging to the customer those costs incurred in the search for ancestors that for whatever reason have not finally been identified.

Except in extraordinary cases where there is a special interest for some specific data, our research does not seek to identify collateral ancestors (siblings, cousins ​​or descendants thereof).

Is delivered the information found in the Genealogical Research?

Of course, in addition to the info appearing on the Ancestors Book, we will send all the original documentation obtained during the investigation, so you can verify the full accuracy of the data represented in both the report and in your family tree.

In this documentation, you can even see additional information, which are not expressed in the family tree for space reasons, but have great value historical and sentimental for family.

In cases where the archive's rules do not allows the graphical reproduction of documents, in the Book of Ancestors appears citation (book, volume and page) of the document that provides the shown information.

Is it possible to get photographs of the ancestors?

It's very difficult to get photographs of the ancestors outside the family. Only in some genealogical researches on ancestors who had some social, political or professional important in his field, it's possible to find old photographs.

However, in the Family Tree Graphical Representation and the ancestors Book we can include any pictures that the client send us.

What data are represented in the Ancestors Family Tree?

From the information gathered during the family history research, on the family tree are represented, for reasons of space, the following data for each person:

  • First Name

  • Paternal Name (and Maternal name if its's possible)

  • Birth Date (exact or approximate if there's not documental evidencel)

  • Birth Place (in all cases when exists a documental evidence

In the Book of Ancestors which is also given, additional information is displayed as places and dates of marriage, occupations, addresses and other curiosities that may contain the documents found.

Yes, but... I have other questions.

If you want to make any consultation you can email us. We will be happy to assist you in a personalized way.

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