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Family gifts

What to give?

Genealogical trees are a great personalized and emotive original family gift idea. Here we propose you a type of tree for every family event:

  • To give and excite parents or grandparents Golden Anniversary, Birthday, Wedding Anniversaries, Christmas, Father's Day or Mother, etc.
    Why not surprise them with a customized family tree?
    What better gift for the family than a picture showing all the family, including the children and grandchildren?

    We recommend a family tree, with or without photographs, appearing the main couple with all its descendants (children and grandchildren) and her siblings and ancestors (parents, grandparents, etc ...)

  • Thinking of a gift for a christening or a birthday child, we offer the family tree for children, with photographs of the protagonist, child, siblings, parents and grandparents.

  • Have you or a family member have devoted a lot of valuable time to find out the Family history and now do you would like to graph the results of that research?

    In we know the difficulty that many genealogy buffs to graph the results of their studies, and about how to design the Family Tree.

    If you have made your family genealogy research, but you don't have yet represented it in a visually appealing picture really, now you have access to our service of graphical representation of personalized family trees.

    Upload your data and we will represent the Ancestors family tree following your tastes and design preferences.

  • Do you get married and would like to give your parents something special about holding your wedding?

    The Family Tree is an emotive, original gift. You can choose the Ancestors Family tree for each family or one global tree where two families come together in this special day.

    If desired, also can be completed with the genealogical research of ancestry.

Opportunities to give

Any time is good to make a gift to the people we love, yet it would not hurt to mark on your calendar the following family events as a reminder of days especially suited to make the gift you have in mind.


  • Birthdays

  • Wedding Anniversaries

  • Baptisms

  • January 6 - Three Kings

  • February 14 - Valentine's Day

  • March 19 - Father's Day

  • May 6 - Mother's Day

  • Third Sunday in June - Father's Day (in America)

  • July 26 - Grandparents Day

  • December 25 - Christmas

Wedding Anniversaries

Since the establishment of the tradition of giving the couple a gift in each of their wedding anniversaries, Each year, gifts were made with different materials, from the most fragile, progressing to more solid as the years advance. In this way, it symbolized the greatest strength of the relationship.

Want to know how it's called each wedding anniversary? Here they are:

1 year - Paper Wedding
2 years - Cotton Wedding
3 years - Leather Wedding
4 years - Silk Wedding
5 years - Wood Wedding
6 years - Iron Wedding
7 years - Wool Wedding
8 years - Bronze Wedding
9 years - Clay Wedding
10 years - Tin Anniversary
11 years - Steel Wedding
12 years - Linen Wedding
13 - Lace Wedding
14 - Ivory Wedding
15 years - Crystal Wedding
20 years - Porcelain Wedding
25 - Silver Anniversary
30 years - Pearls Wedding
35 years - Coral Wedding
40 years - Ruby Anniversary
45 years - Sapphire Wedding
50 years - Golden Jubilee
55 - Emerald Wedding
60 - Diamond Jubilee
65 - Platinum Wedding
75 years - Brilliants Wedding

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